Sep 13, 2011
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Robots invent their own language??

A group of Australian robots have created their own unique language — wait, their own language? What? Actually, the robots, called Lingodroids, are designed to explore spatial landscapes and share what they find with each other. Working together, they’ve invented new words, built a common vocabulary and even given each other directions. Pretty cool!

Or not? Feel that sudden, horrible chill traveling down your spine? It’s called foreboding, because what you’re witnessing right here is the the beginning of the end … of the entire human race! Luckily for us, these seemingly innocent robots haven’t decided to terminate all of us soft, pooping “organics” — yet. But, since it’s only a matter of time before the robot apocalypse begins, we need to stop being lazy and start figuring out how to save ourselves from extinction. And we’d better hurry!

Wait, is that a new episode of “The Soup” starting? That show is so funny. The host, Joel McHale, can serve me some chat stew any day of the week. Yeeaahh, baby! Also, is anyone hungry? I’m pretty hungry. What say you we order a pizza for delivery? I think I have some beers and Cokes in the fridge. Oh, and it looks like there’s a “Tosh.0/Futurama” marathon on tonight, too … 

–DAMN IT, IRENE! This is exactly what we need to stop doing. How else are we going to MacGyver our way out of danger and prevent the Lingodroids from ruthlessly destroying all life on Earth??

Via Discover Magazine / YouTube

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