Aug 11, 2011
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Our universe crashed into 4 others?

Whaaaaaaat?? This is some whacked out science, yo! But, as it turns out, our universe may show evidence of bruising in at least four distinct areas along its outer edges, which might prove that it crashed into four other universes way back when it was young. It sounds crazy, I know! 

But, yeah, it’s true. Some smartypants astronomers lookin’ through their cartoonishly large telescopes found some ugly-ass black and blue spots way far out in space, and they were all, “Yo, dawg! Lookey this here shit! Someone’s been beatin’ up on us, at least four times that we can tell. WTF?!”

And then they stood back and started fist bumping each other for makin’ such a dope discovery, but then they got really pissed thinking about it, so they were all, “Those mofo other universes better check themselves, ’cause they iz about to GET SERVED. Yeeeaaahhh!” And then they all ran outside to the planetarium parking lot and started practicing their pop and lock street moves for the coming dance-off with the other universes. You go, astronomers! Kick their asses!

Okay, so maybe  it didn’t happen exactly like that, but pretty close. Anyhoo, if you want the more accurate — and way more boring — version of this neato discovery, check out the links below: 

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