Sep 7, 2011
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Symphony of Science: The Quantum World

So, what in the world do we have here? Welp, basically it’s a brief introduction to quantum theory, the strange, bizarre, utterly fascinating world of subatomic particles. But what makes the footage so great is how brilliantly it’s been Auto-Tuned and then set to a super sweet, musical beat. (Quick sidebar: Man, what is up with those weirdo bits of matter found inside atoms, anyway? Why do they act sooo freaky? Enough mystery –someone needs to crack their secrets, pronto. Git ‘er done, scientists!)

As far as music videos go, it’s pretty spectacularly nerdy … And, yes, you guessed right: I absolutely love it. Love it! C’mon, folks, sing along with me now: “Everytthhhiiinggg is maaaade uuuppp of tinyyy paaaackeeetttss of eeeeneeerrgyyy booorrrnn in cosssmmiiic fuuuurrrnaacces … ”

Via Milk and Cookies / YouTube

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