Nov 2, 2011
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Giant clown terrorizes Portland residents

GAH! What in the world …? Forget zombies, vampires or werewolves, because this gargantuan, creepy clown will dominate anyone’s nightmares. Watch below as he wanders the streets of Portland, scaring the bejeezus out of pedestrians, passing cars and even restaurant patrons. Yikes!

The video also makes it pretty clear the clown feeds on the fear of his victims, too. Um, hello?? That’s obviously what gives him so much awful energy and super speed! In fact, after he’s had his fill of eating everyone’s terror, he breaks out into a happy, satisfied little monster dance. 

Of course, by “happy, satisfied little monster dance,” what I really mean is, “a dance so horrifying, I pee in my pants, scramble under the bed and start shaking and drooling in mind-numbing fear.”   

Via The Daily What / Reddit

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