Sep 30, 2011
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An homage to Andy Rooney

To mark Andy Rooney’s upcoming retirement from “60 Minutes,” the hallmark CBS news television program, the compilation video below takes a handful of ‘Andy-isms’ and mashes them together, creating a perfect tribute to the loveable senior citizen who’s been invading our living rooms every Sunday night for several centuries now. 

The best part? The clips are entirely out of context, making the video about as quirky and goofy as the man himself. We’ll miss you, Andy! … Okay, maybe not your gigantic, overgrown eyebrows. Nope! We won’t miss those. What’s the deal there, anyway? Are they an invading species or something? Attention, all elderly men of the world: IT’S OKAY TO TRIM BACK YOUR ENORMOUS, MUTANT EYEBROWS! That is all.

Via The Daily What / Holy Taco

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