Aug 30, 2011
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Seeed’s “Wonderful Life” is sweeet

There’s no doubt about it, “Wonderful Life” is a supremely chill song you’ll want to listen to over and over again. Just released by the popular German reggae/dancehall band Seeed, the song is accompanied by the equally cool-as-sh*t music video below. Starring a well-dressed, manlike creature who looks more like a giant squeeky toy for dogs, the video shows him (it?) running and jumping in slow motion while crap we can’t see explodes all around him. That’s it, really.

Now, granted, this setup may not typically come to mind as an obvious blueprint for music video success — but I assure you, it is! Watch and see for yourself:


Freaking sweet, right? “Heeere I goooo out to sea agaaaaain … The sunshine fills myyy heeeaaad … ” 

Via Lustik / YouTube / Seeed

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