Jan 2, 2011
Irene's Internet

Actually, nobody deserves that

Aaaaugghh, my eyes! But, with such a massive lady-paw, this young woman could making a KILLING in the boxing ring, amiright? I wanna be friends with her so I can try to get her to punch as many unsuspecting people as possible. Like, say we’re having lunch at Panera Bread. I’d suddenly point at some poor schmuck and holler, “OMG, Stephanie, that jerk guy just said your mama’s ugly!” –and POW! She’d single-handedly toss our table aside, rear back in rage and clock him, which would–of course–send him crashing through the plate-glass window. Yessss!

Oh and another thing: If her other hand is on her hip, then where/how do her legs attach to her body? Ew.


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