Sep 24, 2011
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Human Bellagio fountain

After watching the gem below, who needs Las Vegas anymore? After all, we’ve got all the fancy, musically synchronized water fountain displays you could ever ask for right here, put on by a group of teenagers performing in someone’s backyard. Wow! Really, can the famous Bellagio Hotel fountain display claim even a fraction of the charm this quirky human version has in abundance? No, it cannot. So, um, Bellagio? Yeah, it’s official: You have been SERVED.

I look forward to seeing more of this troupe as their spat with the Bellagio escalates. In fact, their next efforts should — of course — be synchronized to songs by Frank Sinatra or Elvis. Right? You’d better get busy, kids. You’ve got a lot of practicing to do!

Via Tastefully Offensive / YouTube

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