Aug 12, 2011
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River rock balancing artist is amazing!

Wow, the guy in the video below has clearly mastered the rare, mysterious art of bending river rocks to his will. Look at them defy their natural lying-about nature to do his bidding like that! Very impressive.

But isn’t he kind of, um, wasting his amazing connection to the rocks? Seriously, why doesn’t he tell them to whiz around in circles high in the sky, or form themselves into the shape of Homer Simpson’s head? Now THAT would be impressive!

Personally, if I could make river rocks do what I wanted like this dude, I wouldn’t have them doing fanciful, artsy stuff like mimicing poles. No way! Instead, I’d turn them into a little rock army of Irene’s Personal Assistants, commanding them to clean my house, buy groceries, take out the trash, etc.

Well, maybe not the buying-groceries part, since that would require the rocks to drive themselves to the store — not because they couldn’t do that, but because I’d be too lazy to take them to the DMV for their drivers’ tests. Going to the DMV is always such a nightmare, am I right??

Anyhoodle, this artist’s vision may not be quite as grand as mine just yet, but you”ll still be amazed to watch as he effortlessly tames these river rocks into striking, elegant new structures …


Via WTFoodge / YouTube /Gravity Glue

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